About Betsy

Betsy Silverstein is an artist, mother, and wife living just outside of Greensboro, North Carolina. After obtaining her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Guilford College in 1984, she first worked as a decorative painter for Fe Fi Faux, and then moved on to work independently. Her work has been published in Southern Home, Our State, House and Garden and Drexel Heritage magazines.

Betsy’s art can be found all over the Greensboro Area, but her largest collection of murals are found at the Greensboro Natural Science Center.  It was there where Betsy actually created her first mural as a college student in the dinosaur room, and then came back years later to paint the main foyer, numerous animal habitats, and many other wonderful walls in the museum.

Most of Betsy’s inspiration comes from studying the beauty and the simplicity of nature. She enjoys studying not only the intricate shapes of plants and trees, but she also tries to capture their movement. Betsy also has allocated much of her artistic focus to studying humans, as well, in her portraits and nude drawings.